receiving 2 factor authentication while abroad

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Re: receiving 2 factor authentication while abroad

Post by newkidontheblock »

The problem with receiving a SMS abroad is it depends. Depends on the carrier, depends on the cellular settings on the phone, depends on the bank sending the SMS. That’s why so many members have different experiences.
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Re: receiving 2 factor authentication while abroad

Post by phuketrichard »

Kenr wrote: Mon Feb 12, 2024 6:44 pm Not paying attention. I don’t take the sim out of the phone. I don’t need Wi-Fi calling turned on because it works over Wi-Fi. I receive SMS fine.

And my bank will not send SMS to a foreign number. I need an active US number in my name.
talk with them< citibank ( and chase )didn't use to send me sms for confirmation/codes BUT
after constantly asking for it, they did and do :-)

when / if u have a US bank and a US sim, than its a no brainer to just turn it on when ur expecting codes sent to it
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Re: receiving 2 factor authentication while abroad

Post by Alex »

I use VoWiFi for my Thai number when I'm not in Thailand and that has been working reliably for SMS from my Thai banks.
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Re: receiving 2 factor authentication while abroad

Post by Kenr »

There was just one person on here who was saying it was impossible to work over Wi-Fi.
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