The Trials of "Khmol" Sellers - Prices are Down, Deaths are Up

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The Trials of "Khmol" Sellers - Prices are Down, Deaths are Up

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Catching "Khmol" for bait.

Khmol Prices are Down, Say Sellers
Nov 20, 2022
Khmol sellers on the roadside in Kampong Thom province
Cambodia News, (Kampong Thom): Khmol is a species of insect that is popular with fishermen living in Kampong Thom province; they use the live insects as bait to catch all the best types of fish. The khmol are a light-brownish color and have a body size of 3-4 cm and the rigid front legs are designed for excavation.

Unfortunately, the khmol sellers are complaining that this year's prices are well below the prices from last year; they are only getting 15,000 riel per kilogram,whereas last year the price was between 20,000 riel to 30,000 riel per kilo.

Mr. Sun Vichay, 42 years old, living in 7 Makara Village, Tang Krasaing Commune, Tang Krasaing District, said that he collected the live khmol from villagers in Prasat Balong district, Prasat Sambo district, Tang Kork district and some other districts, buying them at 13,000 riel per kilogram and sell them for 15,000 riels. As for the dead khmol, you can buy it for only 1,500 riel per kilogram, and sell it for only 2,000 to 3,000 riel per kilogram.

He added that in previous years, he would pay 20,000 riel for one kilogram of live khmol, and then he could sell it the fishermen for 30,000 riel, making 10,000riel profit on each kilo sold, but this year the prices are much lower than usual.

Ms. Chhun Kunthea, 30 years old, who is also a khmol trader, said that he has lost money in the last few days, because the prices are down and the khmol die easily. They only live 24 hours, and they are almost worthless when they are dead, only good for making poultry or fish feed.
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