Harry's Bar on Riverside specials

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Re: Harry's Bar on Riverside specials

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Hunaman..yeah right

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Re: Harry's Bar on Riverside specials

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Clutch Cargo wrote: Thu Sep 22, 2022 2:30 pm Talk about derailing this topic.. QR in the boonies. QR in the markets. Locals use of QR. :offtopic:

What's that got to do with Harry's? The promo is targeted at CEO readers who are mainly barang expats and tourists.
I think because most Barangs and expats have a bank here, and pay by qr code fairly often. At least once per week, if not everyday.

I buy a street coffe a few times a week and they accept qr, sometimes from multiple banks. Even the local lort cha lady does aba.

If it was about a lady selling vegetables kampong speu it wouldn't be at all relevant.
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