Sell - Jasminer X4 1U 5GB - 520mh

This is where you can buy and sell anything you want in Cambodia! There is no 'Craigslist Cambodia,' so this is the next best thing. Most items for sale are in Phnom Penh, but this is a buy and sell section for the whole country. Many expats and tourists have new and used items to sell, so anyone can list them here. CEO has no part in these sales, so buyers and sellers need to get in contact with each other themselves. You're always welcome to list items you're giving away for free, as we encourage the community to give when they can. Amazon and eBay ship select items to Cambodia, but you save time and money when you do things locally.
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Sell - Jasminer X4 1U 5GB - 520mh

Post by kerberus »

Sell - Jasminer X4 1U 5GB
Completely new in package
Already in Cambodia(!)

ETH/ETC 520 mh/s
Only around 200 watt power consumption
Price 6900 USD
CamboQuick Cambodia Amazon Shipping
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