VIP Rooms

Title says it all really...
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VIP Rooms

Post by Gazzy »

Are there any establishments in PP that offer private rooms to watch sports? For example, if me and 2 friends wanted to watch an F1 race, with air con, nice sofas, great screen and audio, food and booze available to order. Rather like the KTV rooms without the girls. Thanks.
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Re: VIP Rooms

Post by Darkcel »

Couldn't you rent a ktv room and stream the race?
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Re: VIP Rooms

Post by Spigzy »

Sounds like you need what's called a "Home"? :-)

Joking aside, the Intercon (Great Joke, ahem, Duke) Hotel used to host the AFL finals for the Aussies out here, big group, but proves it is possible on a very large scale, can't be a massive leap for a group of 10-20?
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