Second hand scooter: main criteria?

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Re: Second hand scooter: main criteria?

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Clutch Cargo wrote: Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:31 pm
AndyKK wrote: Mon Jan 03, 2022 11:58 pm I managed to get insurance today at Infinity. The Honda CB400SS because it is over the 125cc, owner needs to show Cambodian driving licence, also his/her passport. Third party liability, with a liability limit $10,000 one-year policy is $77. Fully Comprehensive with same liability $10,000 one-year policy is $188.
Is there a basic excess aka deductible? :pirat:
There will always be something to pay no matter where you are, and of what country you may be. For the excess payable is the first $25 only, I think is a tremendous deal.
I thought long and hard over a long period of time, but even more so over the new year period. It's a bit of a worry on the whole, the road users don't seem to have any perception of what may happen if, nor do they seem like they ever even care. The change in law to not need a licence for a bike under the 125cc limit is just a disaster for themselves (mostly unexperienced) there is supposed to be an age limit, but I think it is over looked just as many traffic laws are when suits. There must be a higher rate of small motorcycles coming into the country to maintain the want and make the importer wealthy, not forgetting tax monies into the government hands.
But overall, technically I am well aware of being involved in any type of accidents here, it will be the foreign person at fault, no matter what the situation, the law will always be against you and side with that of their own. It's like tossing a coin "heads or tails" a gamble, but waiting for that day unfortunately to come, and when it does (not if) I would not like the odds that the other party has any insurance.
Always "hope" but never "expect".
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