Detective agency for sale

Yes... we are absolutely interested in your $50,000 bar for sale with 3 stools and no customers.
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Re: Detective agency for sale

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Grand Barong wrote: Fri Jul 02, 2021 7:44 pm Time will tell, O.P has gone silent on his advert for sale once he was called out.... :dragonchase:
not sure he was really called out, rather than just giving up on wasting his time with resident trolls

jumping on posters and pretending to expose them as frauds or whatever is an old old game on forums like this

this is what losers on these forums do to make themselves look important

a specialty of k440

$3.5k is actually fairly standard price for certain types of websites/domains
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Re: Detective agency for sale

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Yes. No amount of baiting/trolling is going to get the OP to engage further. He said so way back on page 1. Topic locked.
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