A Cambodian Love Story.

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A Cambodian Love Story.

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By Rambo Cambodia
January 13th, 2021

The girl actioned for me to follow her. We sat down in an empty waiting area and through signalling, drawings in my notepad and body language we had a conversation.

Having lived a life similar to a Buddhist monk for the entirety of my seven months traveling in China it wasn’t until the last few days that I got my leg over with a local. I was traveling from Hong Kong to Hanoi by train and was told this would take about 48 hours.

I can’t be the only one who hides their real cash whilst traveling. I kept nominal currency in my front pocket and a hidden pocket in the inside leg of my cargo pants hid the rest of the cash along with my passport, cards and a solitary condom which after this dalliance became plural.

I was sat at the bar looking towards the entrance. From the moment she walked through the door and made eye contact I knew we’d be horizontal that night. She sat at the bar beside me. I offered her a drink and it was whilst we were waiting for her bottle of water that she pulled out a medical note in French. I understood it to be a negative test for STD’s. Of course I wanted to know why so I tactfully elicited the following information. She’d just broken up with her Vietnamese boyfriend who’d cheated on her. She was sad and wanted to find a new boyfriend. Bizarre that her opening line was ‘I’m clear’!

I was in Cambodia on a short break and visa run and had a ticket to return to Vietnam in a few hours’ time. I surmised that the girl who stopped me was a friend of the bar owners since I was in there earlier in the evening and she wasn’t there then. Also why would she stop me if the staff hadn’t been gossiping about me first. She didn’t give off a ‘staff’ vibe either.

We grew to love each other very much. In the beginning this was clouded by lust. I returned to Vietnam and she’d visit me often. I’d take her to scenic spots and we’d eat seafood and snails and the sort before finishing the night nightclubbing, dancing, live music or a crowded local Bia Hoi. I’d visit her in Phnom Penh often and before not too long I’d invited her to live with me in Saigon. I chose wisely and the rest is history.

The visa process didn’t go well. So hard to anticipate what will happen. The application was refused based on several inaccuracies on the Home Office’s part. My wife failed the English test in November 2016 was one such factual inaccuracy. Not funny, as she passed the test the only time she took it in April 2016. I appealed the decision and it took over a year to go to court. All in all we were apart for 3 years and 43 days. Mother from child, husband from wife, brother from sister etc.

The female judge questioned me on Cambodian history and asked why we couldn’t live there. I gave a good submission in court and pleaded Article 8 ECHR just to be on the safe side. She must have been a mother and wife since the right to a private family life was all she cared about in her decision notice.

https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/readers ... ry-part-1/
https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/readers ... ry-part-2/
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Re: A Cambodian Love Story.

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[mention]Kung-fu Hillbilly[/mention] I am Phnom Penh Pal/Kamou caphe. These Stickman submissions were my first forays into the weblog world. After the demise of that website I started writing on others and finished that story and added others.

Would you please send me an email, as a newbie I have limited access to email and other features. I'm keen to chat with you as you've shown enough interest in the story to add links here and design an attractive artwork for it!
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