Royal Enfield motorcycles now in Cambodia

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Re: Royal Enfield motorcycles now in Cambodia

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The Meteor 350, Himalayan and Classic 500 are on display at Aeon 1 today, tomorrow and sunday.

I went earlier but there weren't any RE staff on site. Seems they are there just to have a look at and sit on them.

The Meteor there is the yellow Fireball version. I thought it didn't look as good in the flesh with too much black but there are the other chrome models. Not sure also about the 'cruiser' config with foot peg forward design.
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Re: Royal Enfield motorcycles now in Cambodia

Post by AndyKK »

clutchcargo wrote: Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:08 pm ^^
Yeah, on the surface these seem like a good deal @AndyKK however I would add that these are all 2018 models. I've been out to Motoland to have a look and test drive and the value is there however it seemed to me they've had trouble moving these. I think that might be because despite Mash being a French company..the basic mechanics ie engine/gearbox is from China based on an older Honda engine design albeit with upgraded EFI. Sort of what GPX (Thai company) is doing with China mechanicals.

That's not to say it's bad but I would say not contemporary and in the longer term resale value would be my concern. These Chinese models are being sold around the world under various brand names eg in Australia it's called Sol Victus ... -scrambler

OTOH I think Royal Enfield has a better brand and reputation around the world and you're getting the latest design and up to date tech with 2 yr warranty. Still, having said that, I will have to go to the showroom and check it out in person. I just upgraded my scooter recently and I think that's still the most practical option in PP but I'm tempted to get something like this for a bit of fun on the side..famous last words haha :mrgreen:
Has you know I have an original Jap import model, and they are a lot of fun, I have had a few recent problems, nothing too bad, I think too be expected with its age of 19 years. The kick-start return spring snaped, a pain when that is the only way to start this model, but easily sorted out.

The engine I believe for the model is donated from the Honda XR400R.
There are a few Japanese models available and for sale in Cambodia just now at reasonable prices, if you are interested drop me a message.
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