Pumpkin Prices Plunge

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Pumpkin Prices Plunge

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Farmers Fearful as Pumpkin Prices Plummet
Khorn Nary and Phoung Vantha 05/04/2021 3:09 PM

Continuing the trend of declining prices for agricultural products, farmers in Kampong Chhnang Province have warned that the COVID-19 pandemic is killing their pumpkin farms.

PHNOM PENH--Pumpkin growers in Kampong Chhnang Province remain worried by the sharp drop in pumpkin prices, with many seeing the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic to blame.

Yin Pheap, a pumpkin grower from Boribo District, Kampong Chhnang Province, said that in previous years she could sell pumpkins for around 2,000 riel per kilogram—roughly $0.50—but while prices were declining even in 2019, down to around 1,500 riel, she now struggles to sell a kilogram for 300 riel.

“It’s been a steady drop, every few months for over a year now,” said Pheap. “From 2,000 riel down to 1,500 riel, then down to 1,000, 800, 500 and now it’s around 200 to 300 riel for a kilo.”

Her concerns stem from the fact that current pumpkin prices will see her making a loss. She has 20 hectares of farmland dedicated to pumpkins and can typically harvest between 5 and 6 tons each year, but the prices are so low, she says, she doesn’t know how to keep her business afloat.
https://cambodianess.com/article/farmer ... es-plummet
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Re: Pumpkin Prices Plunge

Post by IraHayes »

what is causing the fall in price? It wasn't really covered in the article (i skimmed through it so if I missed it my bad)
The article just blames the pandemic that caused a huge number of people to lose their jobs. But is that really it?

Or could it be...
Is it over production?
or is it really a drop in demand from the cambodian housewife who is moving to alternatives?
or ....... <fill in the blank>

I must confess to a complete lack of knowledge over pumpkin prices etc but they don't appear to be a high-value commodity that people have dropped due to a tightening of the family budget (which is what is implied in the article)
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