Chef Nak's Quest to Save Traditional Cambodian Cuisine

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Re: Chef Nak's Quest to Save Traditional Cambodian Cuisine

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It would help the most if the khmer, in general, put their best food forward, and I don't mean capital C "Cuisine".

Ribs had been one of my favorites--simple, hot. good rice. fresh raw veggies. Thing is--my repeat appearances ordering two or three plates, I feel, peg me as some kind of I'll eat anything, then, trip five say, I get cold, or old gamey ribs!, with a smile nontheless, and it's time to move on. Not everywhere, but it's happened enough.

It's the attitude towards money-making in general--more quick and dirty, not the food.

Those two Mexican places west in BKK across from each other, while not Khmer cuisine, they substitute salad dressing for chipotle and literally, ketchup and mayo for salsa and sour cream!

What is the name of the Khmer restaurant with the bird cages?--that one actually does it right!
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Re: Chef Nak's Quest to Save Traditional Cambodian Cuisine

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Bitte_Kein_Lexus wrote: Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:28 am That's an overused cliche. It's not like all culture was totally destroyed and people forgot how to cook traditional food, just like it's not true the food they eat now is the same as in the time of Angkor, when like half the crops now used are New World crops.

My main problem with a lot of these new age Khmer places is that you're basically paying 10x the price of something you could get down the road that's just as good. You're basically paying for plating more than anything else as the cost of the ingredients isn't higher like with some foreign restaurants that import various goods. Truffle is expensive, Khmer spices and herbs aren't...
Definitely agree with the cliche part, don't mean to imply that it's like everything went completely away. I don't like the hipster-like new age stuff so much but I've seen some neat stuff come from these campaigns before like weird stuff with Japanese food in ramen burgers and such. Maybe it is over hyped and a bit exaggerated.
John Bingham wrote: Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:09 pm Well just check it out yourself sometime. Honestly though, I've eaten Cambodian food thousands of times but I looked at those articles and there's nothing I'd be too interested in eating.
Sometimes you just have to pass on the chicken knuckles or giant river snails though.
Fair enough, to each their own haha. I realaly love stuff like amok, prahok ktis, and nom banh chok, with the popularity of things like pho I hope they can make a little international splash too.
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