Thai Medical scientist explains civic facts

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Re: Thai Medical scientist explains civic facts

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only posted the links the OP didn't
i think he is a nutter an others agree,
During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Bhakdi started a YouTube channel proposing that the number of deaths stemming from SARS-CoV-2 infection had been overstated. In November 2020 his account was terminated for violating YouTube's community guidelines.[16]

He has been criticised for his theses on the COVID-19 pandemic; according to Medical Tribune [de], they are considered unscientific by a majority of experts.[17]
The German non-profit Correctiv fact-checked one of Bhakdi's YouTube videos, and found a number of problematic claims, including the claim that any COVID-19 vaccine would be "pointless", and that the virus posed no more threat than influenza.[20] Writing for Foreign Policy, Tyson Barker (Head of DGAP's Technology & Global Affairs Program)[29] described Bhakdi as a prominent example from a "crop of debunked but credentialed so-called experts minting conspiracy theories and undermining fact-based information".[30]
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Re: Thai Medical scientist explains civic facts

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@PR Fair enough. It was directed to the OP, but I posted the reply to you, because the OP didn't make any sense since you can't see the links. The title speaks of "facts" which is already misinformative. The man has "theories". :crazy:
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