Correct spelling of Porsenchey

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Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by Wolf359 »

Pretty straight forward. How do you spell Porsenchey? I'm asking because articles from the Post newspaper, the city hall website, the sign out in front of the district hall, google, and wikipedia ALL have different spelling. It's anywhere from 1 word (district hall sign) to 3 (city hall website). The first portion seems to be up for debate as well if it's Po, Pou, or Por. I'm putting together my CV and I'd rather it not be littered with typos if I can avoid it.
Jerry Atrick
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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by Jerry Atrick »

There's no "correct" way, in the English language at any rate.

Porsenchey is fine.
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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by nerdlinger »

Have the government not got an official transliteration system for Cambodian? Most governments of countries with non-Latin alphabets have a standardised system for things like printing names in passports etc even when that system isn’t the most popular one out there. Seems like it’s something they should get onto.
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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by nemo »

No. Wouldn't want to water down the culture with a more efficient character set.
Anchor Moy
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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by Anchor Moy »

I don't know about the official roman spelling, but Porsenchey, Por Senchey, or Por Sen Chey, are all used in different news items. I presume that they are all recognised as Porsenchey and should pass on your CV.
Best of luck.
Ot Mean Loi
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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by Ot Mean Loi »

There is currently no standard system or Romanization of Khmer.

Even in Family Books and on National Photo ID cards you will find variations in spelling of the Family and Given Names.
Even official map editions will vary in their spelling of place names in English.

However, with the development of a national population data base and through the issue of passports etc, a de facto standardization is slowly coming. But it is more by default than by deliberate design. Also, the names used in the six digit geographic location/postal/ZIP Codes are tending to become the standard form of the name when expressed in English.

There may be a later edition of this listing but please see 1209XX in this listing - ... com_11.pdf

Personally, I do not see it as a critical issue. I have always used the more common of the English spelling and it works.

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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by Bluenose »

When the other half got a passport a year ago it had a different English spelling of her family name from the one she’s been using since she was a kid
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cautious colin
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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by cautious colin »

On the gazetteer it is:

Pur SenChey Khan

This is the source I usually use
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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by whatwat »

Bluenose wrote: Mon Oct 19, 2020 6:47 am When the other half got a passport a year ago it had a different English spelling of her family name from the one she’s been using since she was a kid
That’s pretty common and is usually down to whoever registered the birth either writing it incorrectly or not checking.
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Re: Correct spelling of Porsenchey

Post by Freightdog »

I’m in the process of learning Khmer. Glacial progress, so far. Especially with regards to reading Khmer script where there are no spaces between words, generally.

So it’s no surprise that-


Might instead be interpreted to
Khan Por Sen Chey

The latinised spelling is an interpretation itself of some of the sounds, and some words with silent sounds and maybe even syllables

ខណ្ឌ Khan with a silent ឌ/d

ពោធិ៍ Por, but as I understand it, ពោ is more Puw with a silent consonant and vowel

សែន Sen

ជ័យ Chey

Recently, I’ve had to sort out a lease or two, and an online registration, where the locals and Cambodian government have variations of the same name on the same document. Especially odd with an online form to have such inconsistencies.

Chey Chumneas
Chey Chomneah

The adding of spaces in the English text is clearly something that messes with the locals mind as much as the lack of spaces messes with mine. It confused the hell out of the passport process for the little fella.

Sorry to drag your thread off on a slight tangent. It’s quite an interesting learning process, but I wonder sometimes if it’s beyond my poor little brain. Once I started this, I found sympathy for some kids who, after 6-7 years of school, are able to read and write their own language.
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