Some sort of police raid on hostess bars in st 130 and 136?

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Re: Some sort of police raid on hostess bars in st 130 and 136?

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Doc67 wrote: FFS... they made them take away the flower pots and trellis, then reduce the patio by 50%. If they remove the awning then the outside area is screwed, it faces east to west with no shade so will be unbearable to sit out there. They have spent good money installing proper fans to make it pleasant to sit out there, once of the few outside places I will sit.
I agree that the outside patio at Larrys was a very pleasant place to sit and eat.
But for whatever reasons they are insisting on removal of awnings and much of the outside furniture, it has to apply to everyone.
All the smaller bars and cafes have had to comply, so I guess the bigger places should also. Secrets in 136 has removed its huge awning overhang, as has Ostros.
It’s a real pain and I don’t understand why they are doing it. Street 5 seems to be the only street where awnings and overhangs are still allowed.

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