Old Time Stories

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The Seawolf
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Re: Old Time Stories

Post by The Seawolf »

Whilst in a hotel in Vinh I woke up with a rat the size of half my arm on my face.

Good times.
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Sir Duncan
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Re: Old Time Stories

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I'm doing a bit of digging in my garden and it's hot,, and reminded me of a story about 40 years ago.

I remember talking to my brother who owned a 6 acre plot of land called ''Wy Wurry Ranch '' and he said to me, Christ there are some stupid people out there.
He has a diploma in Stupidiology
When I asked why ,,he said he was digging out and clearing a drain beside the road side with his spade and stopped for a rest and a smoke, when a car went past came to a screaming stop. It backed up and the driver got out and asked him, What the fuck are you doing ? Are you OK.
He replied , I'm digging a drain and stopped for a rest and smoke. ,,, You can imagine the rest of the conversation.

When I asked when did this happen , he said about 2.30 am this morning,,,,,

Picture this ,, A hot day and night time is the ideal time to work when you have a full moon and not a cloud in the sky.

Now some of you may also think it is stupid to do that at 2.30 in the morning , but I have also done things like that on the farm, like picking up hay bales with the tractor and putting them in the hay shed.
I got my qualifications in Stupidiology off my brother.
Cambodia,,,, Don't fall in love with her.
Like the spoilt child she is, she will not be happy till she destroys herself from within and breaks your heart.
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Re: Old Time Stories

Post by Arget »

Back in the 80s I managed a station in the Pilliga scrub area of New South Wales. We had a run of 40+ degrees for about 3 weeks and so it was too bloody hot to work on a few kilometres of fence. We rested during the day and worked at night. Crow bars and steel posts were kept in the creek so they would not be too hot to use.

Common sense really.
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