Marriage in Cambodia. Bombshell.

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Re: Marriage in Cambodia. Bombshell.

Post by Doc67 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:52 am

Is the husband to be aware of this situation?

Has your daughter told him all about it and you are last to know?

If so, and she goes ahead with the marriage without fully investigating the veracity of the 'ceremony', any future divorce proceedings (they happen) could be hijacked by the husband crying foul and claiming the marriage is invalid and possibly obtaining an annulment. Your daughter might find herself at a serious disadvantage in any settlement. The fact he knew some or all of the facts may not provide a defence in civil or criminal proceedings.

If he does not know, and later finds out, he could use that information at a later date against your daughter.

The advice here in this thread is that it is unlikely that she was officially and legally married in Cambodia . But it is just the opinion of people who's qualifications to answer are based on experience, albeit extensive. You are going to have to make enquiries to the Cambodian Embassy to get any form of an official declaration of her status. And that will likely be much easier said than done.

If her husband-to-be knows about this possible marriage, then you must find out for sure of her status.

If he does not know and you manage to keep it a secret then it might not become an issue, but this is a very risky strategy.

If he does not know, and later finds out, you will potentially have a major problem and he will be the innocent party in the deceit.

Bigamy is a crime in the UK and a very specialist area of law. As a result it will also be a very expensive area of law.

Find out the facts as best you can from official sources, tell the husband-to-be everything and seek some specialist legal advice in the UK before entering any new marriage. If you think this is a can of worms now, imagine what it could become in 10 years time.
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