HI Serra, author. Fiction??

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Re: HI Serra, author. Fiction??

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oasisbarhatien wrote: Tue Aug 06, 2019 1:43 pm I have got the book NILO Ha Tien,and it is both a good read and has some interesting photos of Ha Tien during the war.I couldn't get it over here,so bought it via Amazon when I was in the UK
Thanks for the reminder. i got waylaid by PR's free book site.
I gotta get a copy. From what i can gather, it seems to be a thinly disguised account of actual events.
You don't get a former head of Naval intelligence, and the official biographer of another, giving the book such a public recommendation if it's just junk fiction.
The excepts i read suggest it deals with a really interesting , and little known, chapter of the US/VN/KH conflict.

I gather you are the bloke from "that great little bar" that "you really must stop at" in Ha Tien (trip advisor, lonely planet, Michelin etc) The Oasis Bar, Ha Tien ??
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Re: HI Serra, author. Fiction??

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Yes,my posting name is a bit of a giveaway!!.We have the Oasis bar here in Ha Tien,been here 9 years now,and I'm still more or less the only foreigner living here,although more seem to be looking to move to Vietnam from Cambodia for various reasons.
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