Why ghost ships, with a grim cargo of corpses, are washing up in Japan

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Why ghost ships, with a grim cargo of corpses, are washing up in Japan

Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:59 pm

Image: channel News Asia

By Desmond Ng
06 Apr 2019

They wash up along bleak coasts and sandy beaches on the western shores of Japan – crews of corpses on drifting boats, or empty shipwrecks.

In recent years, baffled residents of fishing villages in Japan have made such horrifying discoveries. These vessels have earned the grim title of “ghost ships”. “I imagine the crews died with unimaginable fear,” said monk Ryosen Kojima.

The number of ships appearing first peaked at 104 vessels in 2017 and then doubled last year. And their presence has caused some measure of paranoia at a time when North Korean propaganda had been threatening the annihilation of Japan with weapons of mass destruction.

In 2017, the ghost ships arrived with 35 dead bodies. But not all of their crews perish: Between 2013 and last year,

“They come as a large group. If you look at the radar, they appear like an island … as many as 1,800 ships,” he said

Mr Joon said that while Pyongyang knows about these ships, there is little it can do. “The North Korean government accepts it. They only think it’s a pity that people are dead,” he added.

full https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cn ... n-11418014
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