The Lives Of Highly Paid Expat Pilots In Asia

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The Lives Of Highly Paid Expat Pilots In Asia

Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:18 pm


by James
September 18, 2018

..he’s being bombarded every week with offers to fly Airbus A320s in China. Regional carrier Qingdao Airlines promises as much as $318,000 a year. Sic

"Some airlines advertise for foreign pilots to work the mainline (full service) flights, but at the end of the recruitment process may say there are no roles available. They then offer them a contract flying for the low cost arm, and pilots believe this is a ‘bait and switch’ tactic to attract talented pilots to less desirable airlines. Similarly, expat pilots are lured to certain airlines with the promise that the airline will be opening a foreign base somewhere more desirable to live than their local bases. The reality is that the foreign base will either never open, or if it does, those places will be given to local pilots, not expats."

"Any safety breaches, no matter how minor, are investigated, and pilots can be suspended without pay for months at a time, for infractions as minor as ‘heavy landings, or flying at an altitude that is considered too high.’ If one of these pilots commuted from outside of Asia (or the hub of that airline), they might be required to serve this suspension in the home city of the airline, despite the fact they do not live there, nor are they being paid to be there."

"The hotels provided to pilots during layovers (i.e. away from their home airport) can be appalling quality — less than two stars with inedible food. Some pilots pay for better accommodation from their own pockets while down route just to get some decent sleep. Some pilots bring their own food for trips because they cannot physically stomach the food given to them."

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