New Japanese waste recycling complex :)

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New Japanese waste recycling complex :)

Post by SINUS » Fri Jul 19, 2019 1:35 am

I recently chatted with my buddies and they accidentally mentioned that a Japanese waste recycling plant was built in the suburbs of Sihanoukville.
And from the latest news - 83 containers with garbage were found in our port ... for sure they went there.
hoo hoo, i thought. :)
In short, I decided to find this garbage factory in Cambodia, take pictures there, enjoy it myself and make us all happy.

the friends in the conversation just gave directions and gave up: if you go there on that road in that direction, you will definitely come to that factory.
and it was necessary to go in the direction of the Royal Beach named Hun-Sen, where I sent my wheels.

while I was driving, the imagination drew to me a powerful complex the size of the Angkor brewery for recycling household waste into electricity or something else, but always with tall snow-white pipes, with moving garbage trucks and with strict courteous guards with Kalashnikovs at the entrance.
I circled around the area for a long time in search of pipes and a garbage truck, but I stumbled upon a “Japanese” plant with two stoves, the pictures of which I publish below.
from Japanese there was only the name of the stove "Sankyo" but the inscription "made in thailand" on it claimed that this complex device in Japan had never been.
everything else, including rubbish on the road, is our native Khmer.
(sorry for my English. :))




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Re: New Japanese waste recycling complex :)

Post by SternAAlbifrons » Fri Jul 19, 2019 6:55 am

Thanks Sinus, good field intell.
Best way is to check things out for yourself on the ground, and not be driven by rumours and overactive imagination.

Now that your eyes and ears are tuned in this direction can you, or anyone else, please keep an eye open for any other garbage-driven power generation plants, particularly along the coast? Thanks.
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