BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE (in Phnom Penh BKK location)

Yes... we are absolutely interested in your $50,000 bar for sale with 3 stools and no customers.
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BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE (in Phnom Penh BKK location)

Post by zhzmo_96 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:40 pm

# សេងហាង​មជ្ឈមណ្ឌល​ថែ​រក្សា​សម្ផស្ស​ ហាងបាន តុបតែងស្អាតស្រាប់
# តំលៃលក់សូមទំនាក់ទំនង 012226976

# អាសយដ្ឋាននៅសងាត់​បងឹកេង​កង1​ ខណ្ឌ​ចំការមន​ នៅលើ​ផ្លូវ​360​ កែងផ្លូវ​លេខ​ 57​ ស្ថិតនៅជាន់ផ្ទាល់ដីនៃ អាផាតមិន​ នឹង​មាន​អាជីវកម្ម⁣ អ៊ូអរ​ស្រាប់​

# កំពុងដំណើរការ មានអតិថិជនស្រាប់ សល់កុងត្រា3-5ឆ្នាំ មានប្រាក់កក់ $2,200 ដុល្លា (equavalent to 2 months rental fee)
# តំលៃជួល $1,100 ដុល្លា ក្នុងមួយខែ
# ទំហ៊ំហាង 50m2
# សម្ភារះទាំងអស់នៅក្នុងហាង រួមទាំងដេគ័រស្អាតស្រាប់​

# អាច​ទំនាក់ទំនង​តាម​ទូរសព្ទ​លេខ​ 012226976
# អាច​មក​មើល​ហាង​ផ្ទាល់ខ្លួន​បាន

# Facial Beauty Salon Clinic for SALE
# Address located in central of city, Sangkat Beoung Keng Kang 1, Khan Chamkarmon on Street 360 and corner Street 57, located on the ground floor of a secure well serviced apartment

# Business is running in progress, with 2 months rental deposit - US$ 2,200
# Renting fee: US$ 1,100 per month (directly paid to owner)
# Size of shop is 50 m2
# Sale of shop includes: All items in store + nicely decorated interior and furnitures

# Interested: please contact number: 012226976
# Can contact to come see the location in person

#面部美容院出售 -
# 销售价联系:012226976
# 地址位于市中心的 Sangkat Beoung Keng Kang 1,Khan Chamkarmon 在360街和57街角,位于一个安全的服务式公寓的一楼

#业务正在进行中,定金2个月 - 2,200美元

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Re: BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE (in Phnom Penh BKK location)

Post by Yobbo » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:03 pm

I'd say you would have to do more than just cut hair, Vietnam style :sex:
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