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Post by phuketrichard » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:34 pm

Chimerica is a neologism and portmanteau coined by Niall Ferguson and Moritz Schularick describing the symbiotic relationship between China and the United States, with incidental reference to the legendary chimera. Though the term is largely in reference to economics, there is also a political element.
With the take over of Cambodia and many other countries ,( how much of Australia has been brought ?) by the Chinese
this is a new tv series that hits on the relationship between china and America dating back decades an set with the back drop of the "TankMan"and what happened to him

BTW: the shit going on in HK is amazing, 1,000,000 people in the street. 30 years since Tiananmen
In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. HST

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