Should prostitution be a normal profession?

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Re: Should prostitution be a normal profession?

Post by CEOCambodiaNews » Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:18 pm

Interesting blog post:

The Naked Anthropologist
Dr Laura Agustín on Migration, Sex Work, Trafficking and the Rescue Industry
What is Decrim? The many places of prostitution in law
Recently the short form decrim has appeared in the name of several groups campaigning for decriminalisation of prostitution: the removal of criminal penalties for selling and buying sex. But there is never one clear law that might be annulled in a fell swoop; it is not so simple. Rather there are everywhere multiple clauses within different laws and sections of penal codes, as well as regulations used to police many sorts of commercial-sex activities. Every jurisdiction, every city and town has its own bag of prohibitions, sometimes initiated locally and sometimes mandated by the state.

Decrim advocates say they want ordinary labour law to cover the sex industry, but which labour law would be used as the pattern for the different kinds of sex work? Decrim, if attained, would lead immediately to a raft of characters’ stepping forward with proposals for how to regulate (which some will call legalisation). Consider the following:

The overwhelming majority of “sex work,” as its backers call it, is done in Las Vegas and Reno completely illegally, just like in the rest of the country. The reasons for this are fairly obvious: the regulatory regime in place is constricting and expensive, so most of the activity remains in the black market. One could argue that Nevada could expand its legalization of prostitution — to cover escort services and individual operators, for example — but under what regulatory framework? Would the work be licensed? Would inspectors ensure that healthy practices were in use, as they would with any other product or service on the market? Would consumer protections exist? If so, what kind?
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Re: Should prostitution be a normal profession?

Post by RickyBobby » Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:52 pm

All women (most) have sexual currency. How they choose to use it is up to them. If they feel they can maximize their potential by selling sex, that is what they will do. Many others will trade favors for promotions or access to special favors or rewards, even while not being a prostitute. Many others will grab the most decent male option and begin, and the trade up over time as they have used the resources available to make themselves a better 'catch. (hypergamy)

The issue of prostitution in society is related to morality. Most will never accept it as normal, which is not to be confused with legal. Those are two different things. Its also legal to work as a bouncer or DJ in a strip club, but lots of people would not approve of it either.

Prostitution is managed well as a legal profession in Amsterdam where the ladies have proper medical care and legal protections and are not managed by pimps who beat them up and exploit them. It empowers the ladies and also takes away the fear of being arrested from them and their customers.

The downside is that they need to report their income and pay taxes.
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Re: Should prostitution be a normal profession?

Post by John Bingham » Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:20 pm

The downside is that in reality the brothels in Amsterdam are often run by gangsters and many of the women are trafficked.
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