British Export: the Amritsar Massacre 1919

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British Export: the Amritsar Massacre 1919

Post by kaputt » Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:31 pm

Ghulami, the slavery of the British (India)

We know that the British invented the Concentration Camps in India.

The Amritsar massacre fundamentally changed how the Indians saw the Raj (the era of British rule, which ran from 1757 to 1947). It led Mahatma Gandhi, who during the first world war had forsaken his pacifism to help recruit soldiers to preserve the empire, to see British rule as satanic. No apologies for the atrocities, ever from the UK Government or the Queen.

And, with Brexit on the cards, a Britain that seeks to boost its trade with India needs to learn quickly that the legacy of Amritsar has to be addressed and not ignored – or, worse still, forgotten ... 1919-india
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