Volunteer Cambodia Program Director Wanted

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Volunteer Cambodia Program Director Wanted

Post by CEOCambodiaNews » Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:29 pm

Cambodia Program Director
Posted 8 Mar 2019

Closes 7 Apr 2019

Oaktree is an ambitious non-for-profit, with the mission of young people leading, demanding and creating a just world. The International Engagement Portfolio is responsible for managing Oaktree’s engagement in our partner countries: Timor-Leste and Cambodia. We partner with local not-for-profits to deliver innovative development projects with a focus on education, youth empowerment, and youth participation. We also manage grants and philanthropy work, and domestic political engagement.

As the Cambodia Program Director, you are responsible for Oaktree’s strategy and partnerships in Cambodia. You report directly to the Head of International Engagement and sit on the International Engagement Leadership Team and Oaktree’s Extended Leadership Team.

As Cambodia Program Director, a typical day might look like:

Developing and executing Oaktree’s Cambodia strategy with your team;

Overseeing development and implementation of our youth empowerment project

in Cambodia, including financial and project management, monitoring, and

evaluation, and conducting an annual in-country review trip;

Scoping for potential new partnerships and projects in Cambodia;

Producing case studies or articles on partnerships, projects or project processes;

Managing your Cambodia team, or recruiting a new team member;

Establishing external networks with other practitioners working for social change in


Working with other teams to increase Oaktree’s impact.

What you will get out of it:

Be given the autonomy to manage Oaktree’s engagement in Cambodia;

Have the support and training to rapidly develop a broad range of skill sets; including in people and project management, strategy and communication;

Build extensive personal and professional networks in Australia and Internationally;

Have a significant impact on the movement to create a more just world.

https://www.pedestrian.tv/job/cambodia- ... -director/
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Re: Volunteer Cambodia Program Director Wanted

Post by andy_morris » Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:20 pm

That's a volunteer position based in Melbourne, before anyone goes trawling through their website like I did.
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Re: Volunteer Cambodia Program Director Wanted

Post by kaputt » Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:35 pm

Oh my God. Yet another friggin Ngo that looks for:

Cambodia Program Director

Voluntourism is Self-Serving, Harmful to Communities
By Madison Stephens
Feb 12, 2019

Whether it’s celebrities or ordinary teens with an organized secular group, the practice of traveling outside the United States for a service trip has become a widespread practice — and a multi-billion dollar industry. While this activity seems noble, the voluntourism industry often serves as a feel-good activity that doesn’t address problems at their roots.

Indeed, the sheer cost of traveling abroad limits the pool of eligible volunteers and often serves as a guilt absolver for wealthy individuals.

In Jacob Kushner’s New York Times Magazine piece, he encourages those considering volunteering “to abandon the assumption that we, simply by being privileged enough to travel the world, are somehow qualified to help ease the world’s ills.”

Volunteering abroad can often exploit the communities it claims to help. We have all seen the social media posts gushing about how voluntourists’ hearts have been changed by the children who demonstrated unparalleled joy because of their gracious help. These comments are then paired with a posed picture of said child with volunteer. While I am not accusing every volunteer of exploitation, the self-congratulatory nature of showcasing one’s good deeds comes off as insincere as they appear to care more about the perception of their work rather than the work itself.

But even more concerning than superficial social media posts is the lack of follow-through. For example, while providing medical care to those in less developed communities appears to be a magnanimous, beneficial effort, it has the potential to cause more harm than good if the volunteers aren’t properly trained — and they often aren’t. The Scientific American recounts an example of this danger occuring in Tanzania, in which volunteers with no medical training performed medical procedures like circumcisions and delivering babies unassisted, often to the detriment of their patients.

The practice is comparable to historically exploitative Christian mission trips. Less overt than simply building Western churches in these communities, some voluntourism projects pair development with Bible readings and prayers, connecting receiving necessary infrastructure to conversion. In the modern context, obviously not all volunteer trips are bad or maliciously intended, but in order to sever the ties between the modern rendition of the practice and its destructive, violent past, those who take part in volunteering abroad must interrogate the rationale behind the trips. This practice is self-serving when the main goal of the trip is conversion.

Further, one must question the significance of the volunteers’ work. While I agree that small, incremental steps to larger change are important short-term, my concern is that by focusing on small, gratifying projects, we continue to put off longer-term goals, breeding a perpetual cycle complacency.

Kushner concludes in his piece: “Unless you’re willing to devote your career to studying international affairs and public policy” or research “the mistakes that foreign charities have made while acting upon good intentions … perhaps volunteering abroad is not for you.” Rather than simply going for a week to build infrastructure, I urge volunteers to really interrogate their motivations and think beyond a single service trip, whether it is in their own communities or abroad.

Volunteer work doesn’t excuse people from their responsibility to address the global wealth disparity. It’s a band-aid that doesn’t absolve people from confronting the underlying causes of poverty.

Madison Stephens (21C) is from Little Rock, Ark.
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Re: Volunteer Cambodia Program Director Wanted

Post by Phnom Poon » Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:15 pm

andy_morris wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:20 pm
That's a volunteer position based in Melbourne, before anyone goes trawling through their website like I did.
An unpaid job in Melbourne
Oaktree is an ambitious non-for-profit


monstra mihi bona!
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