Personal Khmer Tutor, Siem Riep

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Personal Khmer Tutor, Siem Riep

Post by LearningKhmer221 » Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:53 am

Hey folks--

I am looking for a personal Khmer tutor for a 25 dayish stay in Siem Riep. The catch is that the tutor needs to be available for 2 hours every weekday, from 12:30 PM-2:30 PM. I do not have any other hours open in my schedule for the tutoring. The tutor must also be willing to come to me. The sooner they can start, the better. I am willing to pay a bit more per hour if the tutor can gather together convincing testimonials that they are worth the additional cost. Good quality teachers are worth their cost.

Background: I spoke Khmer fairly well... ten years ago. Have not used it at all in the eight years since I moved away from the Cambodia refugee community in Boston. So I am at an "advanced beginner" level. Because of the nature of my trip, I spend mornings and afternoons working, and do not wish to travel more than a kilometer or so from my work location in south Siem Riep to meet up with a tutor. Luckily there are several cool, quiet joints nearby that would be excellent places to meet up for daily lessons. Please PM for me details on this.

Thanks everyone!
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