[PsarTao.Online] Customers Services / Graphic Designer Needed! Are you willing to join our team?

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[PsarTao.Online] Customers Services / Graphic Designer Needed! Are you willing to join our team?

Post by psartao.online » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:13 am

Our website PsarTao.com is now recruiting 2 more teammates for working in our customer services team!

We would require our teammate would be a native Khmer speaker, and preferably with basic English :)
As we are a start-up company, based in Hong Kong.
And here we would like our teammates can be creative, innovative, sleeve-rolling, hardworking and responsible!

Working hours would be from 4pm - 11:30pm (night shift)
Location: 1. Office = Full time / 2. Home = Part time (but required working in office for 15 hours / week)
Salary: based on experience

Anyone interested please send message to [url]malto:[email protected][/url] !
And yo are always welcomed to visit our fanspage to know more about us at https://www.facebook.com/psartao.online !

Best regards 8)
- Localized Payment with PiPay and Fund Transfer via ABA Bank
- Secure International Payment with PayPal
- "Pay-once product" in combining product price + delivery cost
- Encouraging offer for Air Delivery for new users' experience : 2Kg = 6$ ONLY
- Enhanced Search Engine for IMAGE SEARCH
- Khmer translations up to thousands of product descriptions (Not Google Translation)
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