The Survivors of the Rohingya Genocide

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The Survivors of the Rohingya Genocide

Post by phuketrichard » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:36 am

from Rolling stone magazine;
An investigation into Myanmar's state-orchestrated murder of thousands of Rohingya Muslims — and the second tragedy unfolding in the refugee camps
.....Further, a July report by Fortify Rights reveals that wide-ranging preparations were made by Myanmar authorities months in advance of the August 2017 crackdown, indicating it was not a spontaneous response to an attack but part of a premeditated plan to wipe out the Rohingya. In late 2016, the military began arming and training the civilian death squads that would carry out mass killings; systematically confiscating sharp and blunt objects from Rohingya households that could be used for self-defense; blocking food aid in order to weaken the Rohingya population; and increasing troop levels in areas where the worst atrocities would take place. ... ar-701354/

with this report, Aung Sans international image,( even thou all the atrocities were committed by the military) will take a further nose dive
good read...
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