Cost of Paid Female Companionship in Phnom Penh?

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Re: Cost of Paid Female Companionship in Phnom Penh?

Post by bolueeleh » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:09 pm

no sane man would turn down free sex, NO MAN, good one ZMTH, some guys cldnt get it for free but boasts of freebies
Money is not the problem, the problem is no money
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Re: Cost of Paid Female Companionship in Phnom Penh?

Post by Gator » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:19 am

zmth wrote:
Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:24 pm
Oh yea hindsight is good. That's exactly right - No i did not say much of any words - sure as hell did NOt ask her to come with me NOR did i tell her leave . You think i think of all of that what i should have done and said at the time. Hell NO! Should have returned the hat at the entrance of the hotel and said bye ! And u could say so should have she.
What the hell is with u ? Some rude heathan moves my suitcases without asking - could have broken misplaced something. Rape . Such a fool. She swayed me. Rape. Nobody but an idiot would think that. I already told her no the year before,Jan 2016, to her statement ' let's go bomb bomb'. And did not take her up or indicate i wanted her when she made the ' retard statement ' "you like ladies" hours before that same day march 2017. U have NO idea what went down and should feel nothing or if anything sorrow to me for my peril ! If u think for one second i enticed her then you are as full of crap as the day is long ! Why the hell do u think she brought the hat in the first place ? She took advantage of my kindness - ok u may see she was thoughtful to bring the hat but she had ulterior motives u better believe that ! Money talks nobody walks. And i have NO reason to lie like some other people who concoct total stories about i said something about some girl paying for some hotel !

Ok those are maybe strong words against her - she is not really all that bad of a person esp compared to average business girl at gsm (was, the place is nothing like it used to be) which is maybe why i finally gave in. The correct word is i was kind. Who gave who money ? She sure as hell did not give me any.
This is by far the best rant I've read on here. :lol: This guy is a savage. Shine on you crazy diamond. Don't let the heathens break your stuff.
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