Sihanoukville thief and police informant warning

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Sihanoukville thief and police informant warning

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The 'lady' in the photo goes by a variety of names.... Leena, Alina, Fanta, Phanta etc... Much older than she looks being around 50 years of age.
Might be about 5 years ago she moved to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh. A well known thief. Grabs phones/cameras from bags, tables or bar tops like a pro. (she was banned by the Walkabout Hotel in the day)

Recently, she has 'by coincidence' sold bags of weed to tourists in Snooky who almost immediately thereafter are approached by police demanding anywhere from $40 to $100 bribe to avoid being arrested. Until Utopia got bulldozed, this was her most popular hangout. By coincidence again, she seems to be close by when foreigners are caught with meth. By coincidence again, she is always released from police custody when police raid groups of meth heads she is smoking with, while the others get locked up.

Rumors abound that antibiotics can't cure what she has.
Water quenches the thirst, alcohol releases the truth.
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