Anyone soon visiting or arriving from the States?

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Anyone soon visiting or arriving from the States?

Post by Dangerous Dave » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:49 pm

I'm posting this as a buy and sell but I'm really not sure where it belongs so if it goes somewhere else I apologize.

I take store-brand Benadryl (from ... gulp! ... WalMart) and I take it off-label as a sleep aid. It's worked wonders for me for years, but Benadryl is extremely difficult to come by in Cambodia and extremely expensive. The pharmacy down the street from me sells Children's liquid Benadryl but it's a quarter of the dose and three times the price I'm used to paying.

If anyone would like to bring me back a couple of bottles from the US (which is perfectly legal, in case one might be worried), I'd be most grateful and happy to pay a 100% surcharge. I typically go for 365 tabs at 25mg Equate brand (WalMart) Allergy Relief in the pink bottle.

Cheers, everyone, and happy Khmer New Year.
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