Videographer Project for Koh Rong Island

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Videographer Project for Koh Rong Island

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I am looking for a videographer, to help promote Friends of Koh Rong, a CBO, locally-run, on the beautiful island of Koh Rong. (

To promote the "Educate an Island" movement, and expand education to four other surrounding villages in the archipelago, Toronto-based singer, Avery Florence, will use captured footage of the school/island in her upcoming music video, "Fly".
Avery Florence's most recent music video -

This would be a music video highlighting the work of Khmer heroes, our teachers and student teaching assistants, and how Friends of Koh Rong can help local people benefit from an increasingly rapid tourism boom.
Kelly B.
Founder and Director
Friends of Koh Rong
"--providing education and community support for families on Koh Rong Island."
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