Thai junta leader, backers fuel suspicions of plans to stay in power

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Thai junta leader, backers fuel suspicions of plans to stay in power

Post by phuketrichard » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:39 am

I said back in 2016 when they said elections were going to be held end of the year, i doubted if they would be held ever again ( well,at least not for a Long time)

he is watching what HE does and says, " why cant i do the same?"

BANGKOK (Reuters) - In his dark suit, Thai junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha cut an incongruous figure guiding a rice tractor across a muddy paddy field in front of cameras and watching villagers.
The prime minister’s latest photo opportunity won applause from farmers watching in straw hats and his visit to Suphan Buri on Monday brought a call from a local political bigwig for him to stay in power for another decade.
Political activities in Thailand have been suspended since Prayuth’s 2014 coup, but Thai politicians are asking whether what looks like campaigning is exactly what it seems.

A poll in June showed that 53 percent of Thais would like Prayuth to serve another term.
Although Thailand’s economic growth lags other countries in Southeast Asia and dissent is strongly repressed, surveys show that Prayuth’s backers welcome the stability since the coup. ... SKCN1BZ01D
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Re: Thai junta leader, backers fuel suspicions of plans to stay in power

Post by sigmoid » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:07 am

Actually, it has been quite evident that there would be no election in the foreseeable future since May 22, 2014, the date of the most recent coup d'etat, and easily predictable prior to that based on the following three events:

1) dissolution of parliament and aborted election (Feb 02)

2) removal of Yingluck and cabinet (May 07)

3) imposition of martial law (May 20)

It comes as no surprise that there has been no election scheduled since then. The imminent death of the king was another huge factor as well, as of course there could be no risk allowed during the mourning and upcoming cremation.

The rest of the story is easily predictable as well (apocalyptic doom and gloom) as are events in Myanburmar and Cambochea. Most of the region and the rest of the planet are rapidly devolving instead of developing.

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