Driving License question

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Driving License question

Post by littlelostgirl »

My wallet got stolen and so is my driver's license (from my country)
I have no idea how to apply, where to apply, and how much would it cost to get one. - for car
:please: help.. :cry: Thank you
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Re: Driving License question

Post by phuketrichard »

I think without ur own home country license ur stuck, unless u want do the whole test and all for a Camboida license

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Re: Driving License question

Post by Ronny »

I'd just ask around. When I get there next week, I'll use my Thai DL as it can be used in Cambodia, and if that doesn't work, I'll use the International DE I just got issued. I even have my US DL to show them although it's long expired. It's better to cover all bases if you can. But if you explain your situation and maybe are willing to pay some under the table money maybe that will help. You have a car/truck with registration and all the proper documents, right? That should help you in proving your case. Hey, shit happens. They should be willing to work with you.
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