Caught on camera; Phuket Parasailer falls to his death

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Re: Caught on camera; Phuket Parasailer falls to his death

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It really looks like the leg/groin straps of the Australian guy were never fastened. Or was that just surplus strap dangling?
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Re: Caught on camera; Phuket Parasailer falls to his death

Post by vladimir »

phuketrichard wrote: Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:01 amPHUKET: -- Phuket police have charged the boat operator and his parasailing sidekick with negligence after the death of a 71 year old Australian tourist yesterday.
They look like top blokes.
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Re: Caught on camera; Phuket Parasailer falls to his death

Post by phuketrichard »

go figure..... blame the dead guy
PHUKET: -- The two Phuket men now in jail for the death of an Australian tourist say it was all his fault.
Seventy one year old Roger John Hussey plunged to his death just off Kata beach in an incident caught by his Thai wife on a tragic holiday video.
He survived the near 70 meter fall but died later in hospital. He was due to go back to Australia shortly after.

The boat operator Monthian Jandaeng and the parasailing navigator Rungroj Rakcheep who went up with Mr Hussey have laid the blame at the tourist's door.
They said they had been operating for ten years without an accident.

According to Daily News Rungroj told Karon cops that he had checked the equipment in the morning and everything was fine. It was the tourist who let go then in trying to hold on again released himself.
Rungroj said that he tried to hold onto him but was unable to.
Both men have been jailed in Phuket and will face charges of negligence causing death.

Meanwhile Daily News reported that while three operators on the island had suspended operations, parasailing activities were continuing yesterday on Karon and Patong beaches.
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Re: Caught on camera; Phuket Parasailer falls to his death

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hanno wrote: Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:08 am
the equipment was faulty and that the necessary certification to operate such a business was not in order.
Surprise, surprise!

Yeah... just like all the illiterate 18-year-old 30-person speedboat operators to Koh Phi Phi who don't know what a life jacket is... and until a week ago the closest they had ever been to the sea was riding a water buffalo in Isan.

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