How long can you make Thai Visa last?

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Re: How long can you make Thai Visa last?

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Jamie_Lambo wrote:
LionsLeftTesticle wrote:Ricardo,

Think I said on other thread but do visa exempts definitely extend for 30 days?

Got thinking 1900 for 30 days cheaper than laos or Cambodian visa + bus journeys for 60 days.

So that would be 7 months no visa run.
the longest you can stay in country inc extensions is 3 months before you have to leave the country, you cant stay for 7 months solid unless you have one of the 1 year visas or retirement visas but still even them you have to do 1 border run a year or something if im not mistaken
I should have been more clear but I meant if I was staying in Chiang Rai I could jump on hour bus to border for in out twice plus visa here, so 7 months in total.

Even since both you posted renthub I want to go as far north Possible so hunting down apartment in Chiang rai.
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