“China’s Netflix” launches in the US, immediately fucks up

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“China’s Netflix” launches in the US, immediately fucks up

Post by kiwiincambodia » Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:54 am

Love the headline...........

“China’s Netflix” launches in the US, immediately fucks up

Yesterday, Chinese tech giant LeEco held a massive launch event heralding its arrival in the US. The company had previously taken the Xiaomi route, selling only small peripherals like headphones in America, but that’s all about to change. Starting in November, the company now will be selling lots of things: its smartphones, its smart TVs, its smart bike, its content platform, its cloud storage, and more.

Clearly, LeEco has decided it’s time to get serious about the US market. Unfortunately, it’s coming out of the gate with a huge mistake: flash sales.

Yes, if you want to buy a LeEco TV or smartphone in the US, you can’t simply preorder one. Instead, you’ll have to hop onto the company’s website on November 2 and 10 AM PT. CEO Jia Yueting has said only 100,000 phones will be available; he’s not sure how many smart TVs will be up for grabs.

https://www.techinasia.com/chinas-netfl ... tely-fucks
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