It's good to see her back again (mainly for Australians)

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It's good to see her back again (mainly for Australians)

Post by mammothboy2 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:23 am

Oh yes - we remember all too well how all the smarties and goodthinkful educated folk sneered at her ... ... n-it-looks

... and how it seemed she had sunk without trace, ridiculed and all-but-forgotten

And yet - mirabilu dictu - here she is again, a political resurrection unparalleled in Australian political history

The important fact to grasp is that the goodthinkful adore mass immigration not because they are truly convinced
love-the-worlders but because - like Angela Merkel and the political class in Sweden and Canada - they have no real love
for their own country / countries and feel that - to quote - "Canada's adventure in multiculturalism" will be ever so spiffy and

The other people who adore mass Third World immigration are - predictably - the Cheap Labour Lobby.

The goodthinkful love-the-worlders and the Cheap Labour Lobby both pretend that the other group doesn't exist;
once in a very blue moon someone like Andrew Neather lets the cat out of the bag and spills the beans, letting us
know that minimum-wage cleaners from Cape Verde are far better to have around than "unemployed BNP supporters."

It remains to be seen what this pleasing development means for Australia.
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