Life is bored? Eat a fugu fish liver ...

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Life is bored? Eat a fugu fish liver ...

Post by Anchor Moy » Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:49 pm

Fugu fish have been eaten in Japan for the last century, but it is prohibited to eat the liver. It seems that this is not exciting enough for some, and there is a call to allow eating the liver of aqua-farmed fugu to boost the tourism trade.
Image Picture: Furibond/Flickr
Yoshitaka Takahashi’s hands are shaking as he scores and cleans the skin of the fish in front of him.

The tension rises again when his knife reaches the liver. The slightest mistake in removing the highly toxic organ could end in an agonising death for anyone who eats his fish.

Twenty minutes later, the chef has successfully prepared a whole fugu – or puffer fish – a Japanese delicacy whose capacity to maim and kill is dividing the country’s culinary world...

Despite the risks, officials in Saga prefecture, western Japan, are calling for an end to the decades-old ban on serving the liver – considered by some to be the tastiest part of the fish – in restaurants.

The latest demand for change to the law, which officials believe will draw tourists to Saga, comes after several people were arrested for serving the liver in restaurants.But owners of hundreds of fugu restaurants in Saga have warned that relaxing the law could end up killing diners. ... -fish-fugu
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Re: Life is bored? Eat a fuju fish liver ...

Post by hanno » Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:09 pm

I think it is Fugu. A good number of people in Vietnam croak every year after eating Fugu (it is actually illegal).
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