Foreigners stuck with fake Vietnam visas

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Foreigners stuck with fake Vietnam visas

Post by ExPenhMan » Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:05 pm

Heavy discussion on the HCMC and Da Nang/Hoi An FB pages. I read the news on the Da Nang pages. Both are closed groups but I will append the HCMC Mod's post (below):

A new agent posted last fall on the Da Nang pages he can get long-term visas for $350 US. I read the discussion back then. Others pummelled him with questions and called him into question since most backdoor visas were going for about $500. He stood his ground and some foreigners later reported they were satisfied with the service. Some other agents started putting their visa orders with him. Some foreigners checking in to VN were found to have fake visas from this guy. They were not input into the system, which is how immigration found out. Many foreigners were heavily fined and deported on the spot. One legit agent estimated there may be more than 1,000 foreigners with fakes.

Another black eye for Vietnam. In Vietnam, as always, buyer beware.

HCMC Mod's post:
I barely say anything about services offered here. But this is affecting A LOT of expat population in Vietnam, and it is starting to snowball real bad.
TL;DR: Your visa extension or new visa you got in the last 3 months period MAY or MAY NOT BE fake. By fake, it MAY NOT BE in the system of immigration.
NOTE: If you think you may be in the red, please contact your agent to arrange ASAP. Please DO NOT go to immigration department to check since they will confiscate your passport and make you pay the fine immediately.
From Q.3 2015, a guy named Vo Thanh (also go by another name called Thanh Somus/Sumo/can't-remember-this-spelling) started offering very cheap visas and extensions here. Nothing weird about it so we allowed, and some expats who used his services gave good testimonials. All good, right?
Then, since he's so cheap, a lot of other visa agents started to use his services. This effectively increased the reach of Vo Thanh.
Now, domino is starting to collapse. Several people have been arrested or fined by immigration because the visa extensions or stamps they got are fake. Some have been deported.
I've been dealing with reports and PMs from several expats who were victims, or know other victims. And talks with visa agents all pointed back to this Vo Thanh guy. Quite a few visa agents have admitted of using him. Oh and one well-known visa agent duly informed me that to the best of his knowledge, there are at least 1,000 foreigners here affected. Except no one knows exactly who is affected, so there is no way to rectify this.
Currently, Linh Tran and a couple other reputable visa agents are dealing with the downfall of this. But for those who got fined + deported, there is nothing to be done.
Brace yourself, guys. This isn't pretty. It's starting to snowball.
Anyone who got affected by this, we'd really appreciate it if you come forward and comment here.
I'll pin this post to warn all members here about this matter.
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