Poll: 350 mpg challenge, PP to Kampong Cham (125 km) on 1 litre.

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125km/l or 353 mpg or 0.8L/100, do you think it's possible?

Yes (given the right conditions)
No (despite good conditions)
Not sure
No votes
Total votes: 7
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Re: Poll: 350 mpg challenge, PP to Kampong Cham (125 km) on 1 litre.

Post by Bitte_Kein_Lexus » Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:54 pm

Wow, amazing! What made the biggest difference? Compression change amd jetting? That's certainly good mileage, haha. How many km did you actually ride in that jour, and what was your average speed?

Good job!

Maybe a more difficult task would be to make a 50cc cub get 10+15km per liter (without spilling anything)? ;-)
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Re: Poll: 350 mpg challenge, PP to Kampong Cham (125 km) on 1 litre.

Post by AE86 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:15 pm

According to the GPS I went 42.6 km and was averaging around 40-45 km/h. My "fuel tank" is 330 ml (1/3rd of a litre), so I just rode until it ran out which funny enough, seemed to take forever. It's really odd looking at a coke can size container and running your vehicle on it for an hour. At the end it was like dying in slow motion. You knew you were going run out, you knew what your fate was, and yet it never seemed to come. :lol:

As for compression, I didn't actually change it yet, still on 8.8:1 piston which is actually good because I was borderline overheating the entire time (oil temp at 115C), so I have a definite need for some auxiliary cooling. I think if I upped the compression, advanced the timing, used race fuel, and put a decent oil cooler on it, then I could see some more improvement, but I think the gains will be negligible at that point.

Main difference to up the mileage was the "light duty" C50 motor honestly, now that I think on it. Simple physics, smaller ports/intake/carb/etc all meant to run on 2/3 the amount of air than a standard motor, big gains are going to be had, and they were once I had the mixture dialed in.

Either or, still need to think of the next thing to go for. This whole thing was strangely unsatisfying.
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