Weird stuff from history

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Weird stuff from history

Post by vladimir » Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:40 pm

From Robert Fisk's book The Great War for Civilisation, an account of the Iranian Revolution and its effects on foreigners:

For months, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Tehran—later renamed Laleh, “Rose,” after the symbol of revolution—we could still drink vodka with blinis. But the ban on alcohol was quickly imposed. I still possess a memorable note from the Tehran hotel management pushed under my door on 21 March 1979. “Due to the limited supply of alcoholic beverages in the country and the unexpected [sic] in the mark-ups in the price of these itesm [sic],” it said, “the management has no alternative but to a 20% increase. Thank you.” Not long afterwards, a revolutionary komiteh invited journalists to watch the destruction of the remaining stocks of Satanic alcohol in the hotel’s cellars. As film cameras whirred, gunmen hurled Pol Roger champagne bottles into the bottom of the empty swimming pool, along with the finest French wines and upended boxes of Gordon’s gin. From the twofoot-deep field of glass at the bottom of the pool, the stench of alcohol permeated the hotel for days afterwards. A South Korean restaurant continued to elude the authorities, its staff burying cases of German beer in their garden. Clients had to wait for ten minutes until each beer can arrived at their table covered in earth.
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