Violence in Freedom Park this Morning

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Re: Violence in Freedom Park this Morning

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takeoman wrote:When this demonstration was first announced, all 55 CNRP MP's elect were requested to attend, why did the vast majority not turn up? It is being reported on 440 that at least one of those beaten by the mob was not a security guard, but an innocent bystander on his way to pay an electricity bill.
That is really horrible! This is not going to end well, I mean next time they won't use the thugs with helmets anymore, they will just use the army instead.
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Re: Violence in Freedom Park this Morning

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OrangeDragon wrote:Kick a dog enough times and no matter how good of a dog it was before, eventually it will turn around and bite you.
Yup, the worm turns.
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Re: Violence in Freedom Park this Morning

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Hasn't this, or something similar always been what the CNRP have wanted?
They've only ever had one strategy in mind- to put pressure on the ruling party to get concessions through demonstrations and in the process perhaps they have hoped (or planned) that some violence will be provoked? The CNRP can then play on public sentiments to get sympathy and project the ruling party in a continued negative light. Haven't Mu Sochua's visits to the park always been in the hope of provoking violence? If she was really nonviolent why not just sit and peacefully protest outside the barbed wire perimeter?
And wouldn't the CPP have seen this violence coming (or made it happen) and had a plan in place?
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Re: Violence in Freedom Park this Morning

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More CNRP peeps getting arrested...

Police arrested Long Ry, head of security for the opposition CNRP, and Nuth Rumduol, a CNRP lawmaker-elect, Thursday afternoon, according to Mr. Ry’s wife, bringing to eight the number of CNRP officials who have been charged and detained since an opposition protest turned violent on Tuesday.

Chea Sokuntheany, Mr. Ry’s wife, said that police, in civilian clothes and on motorcycles, surrounded her family’s house at about 3:40 p.m. Minutes later, Mr. Ry received a call from Phnom Penh municipal police chief Chuon Sovann informing him that a deputy police chief would be arriving at the house imminently to take him in for questioning, Ms. Sokuntheany said.

Minutes later, three police cars arrived at the house, and a deputy municipal police chief walked to the door with a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Ry, also a lawmaker-elect, and Mr. Romduol, who was with Mr. Ry in the house.

“My husband and His Excellency Nuth Rumduol were in my house and they did not resist police,” she said. “Police told me they are taking him to police headquarters.”

Four CNRP lawmakers-elect, including the party’s public affairs chief Mu Sochua, were arrested on Tuesday after opposition supporters viciously retaliated against Daun Penh district security guards who had attempted to break up a protest to “free the Freedom Park.”

Another lawmaker-elect, Real Camerin, was arrested in Battambang province early Wednesday morning. An assistant to Ms. Sochua was pulled out of a car and arrested near the Phnom Penh Municipal Court later that morning.

On Wednesday evening, the Phnom Penh Municipal Court announced that the group, including Mr. Ry and Mr. Rumduol, were charged with insurrection and incitement to commit a felony, both under aggravated circumstances, according to lawyers on the CNRP’s defense team.......

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