Two Japanese Nationals Arrested for Murdering Taxi Driver in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Re: Two Japanese Nationals Arrested for Murdering Taxi Driver in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Post by CEOCambodiaNews » Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:08 pm

June 7, 2019
Widow struggles to feed family following her husband’s murder
Sok Chanroeun is struggling to make ends meet and support her four children following the murder of her husband Hoem Chan, who was allegedly killed by two Japanese nationals in Siem Reap earlier this year. The two accused were charged in March with premeditated murder and Ms Chanroeun is also seeking compensation.
Slakram commune, Siem Reap province – Sok Chanroeun sits on a wooden bed in front of her house in Boeng Daun Pa village as she talks about how her family has found it difficult to make ends meet since her husband was killed in March.

Ms Chanroeun, widowed at 38-years-old, is now the sole breadwinner for her four children. She says her husband, Hoem Chan, was a 41-year-old taxi driver before he was killed earlier this year.

“Now there isn’t as much money for my family as when my husband was still alive,” Ms Chanroeun says. “He was able to make more but now I have to do it alone, while my children need more than $2.50 each per day.”

She notes that when her husband was alive, he could make more than $25 per day on average from being a taxi driver.

However, the Japanese embassy as well as Japanese humanitarians have provided money to support her family, she notes.

“The Japanese embassy is supporting my family with $240 per month for seven years,” Ms Chanroeun says.

She adds that the Japanese association in Siem Reap city also contacted her and told her that they will help her children learn the Japanese language until they complete all levels and then help them find jobs.

Ms Chanroeun and her late husband borrowed $15,000 from a bank and also borrowed additional money from friends to buy the SUV Highlander Mr Chan used to drive. She says he had it for five months before he was killed.

She says other parties have also provided monetary support, noting that a Akihiro Kato, CEO of Angkor Tiger FC and a Japanese national, provided $4,050 for her husband’s funeral, the Japanese consulate in Siem Reap city provided $700, while other provincial officials also provided money for the funeral.

“I think that it’s so sad and the family is facing difficulties,” Mr Akihiro said. “It was Japanese who caused this pain, so I want to help that family and provide some peace of mind.”

Khiev Sort, Siem Reap city’s Slakram commune chief, says that during the funeral in March, Bun Rany, president of the Cambodian Red Cross, ordered a representative to bring $740, and some food and equipment for the victim’s family...

Ms Chanroeun adds that after her husband was killed, she filed a complaint to the court and demanded compensation from the suspects.
“I ask the court to punish the suspects in accordance with the law and I demand $100,000 from the two suspects because I don’t have my husband to support our family any more,” Ms Chanroeun says.
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Re: Two Japanese Nationals Arrested for Murdering Taxi Driver in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Post by Queef » Sat Jun 08, 2019 9:43 am

What the two Japanese dudes did is despicable. They should rot in jail until they die.

Now, taxi lady is out of her mind. First of all, why have 4 kids if you can't feed them? Didn't her and her husband have a plan b? Her and her husband borrowed $15k from the bank and more money from friends and family? How were they planning on paying that back making $25/ day and feeding four kids?

She should be happy the Japanese are helping her out. My government/ people would've not given two shits about her, her dead husband and her kids.

She's asking $100k from the Japs that killed her husband. Weren't those two sought after in Japan for not settling their debts? I get that the pain and the lack of income must be unbearable, but maybe instead of trying to get the best out of this situation, she could work? Maybe.
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Re: Two Japanese Nationals Arrested for Murdering Taxi Driver in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Post by Patcan » Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:53 pm

Yeah....And a plan C too...Stupid couple!
Do the right thing, get a job ...[Admin Edit: Cleaned up a bit and deleted an ensuing flame war.]
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