Tigers kill 20 pigs near Bokor Mountain

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Re: Tigers kill 20 pigs near Bokor Mountain

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Worse case of pig suicide I've ever seen.
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Re: Tigers kill 20 pigs near Bokor Mountain

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^ heart attacks.
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Re: Tigers kill 20 pigs near Bokor Mountain

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One really unfortunate ricochet.
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Re: Tigers kill 20 pigs near Bokor Mountain

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Bitte_Kein_Lexus wrote:Mong Rithy... The wildlife expert! No way a Tiger (or TIGERS, as he claims) are responsible. Bokor is cut off from the Cardamoms. The only passage is that tiny strip (with people living around it) between Bokor and Kirirum. I doubt tigers would cross over there and though Bokor is still fairly big, it doesn't contain big game needed for tigers. Leopards would be possible I guess. One could probably tell by looking at the wounds. Maybe some frustrated villagers who have had their land taken from them killed them... Has he been connected to any land grabs?
The tigers preferred prey may not be there, but there are dogs and pigs and lots of cows. But I don’t know one way or the other. One may be able to survive. I hope it was a tiger that killed them. First thing I would look for is evidence at the kill site bite mark size, pug marks, etc
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