RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

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Captain Bonez
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RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by Captain Bonez »

I just found this out :(


I knew Pancho for many years, always a nice guy. Apparently lung cancer took him.
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by Ian »

Sad to hear this. I haven't been to his bar in a long time but he did a great job and a was a perfect host. I guess the end of White Cobra (if it hasn't already gone). The old days and faces are slipping away.
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by Felgerkarb »

Back in the day whenever I was a serious tear, White Cobra was always the end point of the evening, early morning. Many fascinating things happened there...
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by Ravensnest »

I didn't know the guy but I wish that I had. Pretty juvenile Malaysian king he's holding there.

where was his bar? Siem Reap?
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by Cooldude »

RIP Pancho. Street 51 nightlife will never be the same again.
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by bossho »

[quote=Cooldude post_id=384241 time=1576398935 user_id=7922]
RIP Pancho. Street 51 nightlife will never be the same again.

RIP, always a nice enough fella, not a usual hang for me but it was sort of on the map once for me. Loved his big bike and non chalance, never saw a sign of health issues in the last few mos. in him.
Jerry Atrick
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by Jerry Atrick »

That's sad news. One of the unique characters of PP.

Does anyone know his age? I'd have guessed early seventies.
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by bobsboots »

I did not personally know Pancho, but I have friends here that knew him well.
All I can say is this.
I was at the mall early this afternoon and the mood was somewhat subdued. A girl that I was sat with asked me to excuse her as she wanted to cross the road to where he lay and cry for him.
When they brought him out and placed him into an ambulance, there were so many people gathered outside that it brought the traffic on street 51 to a complete standstill.
That says it all to me.
That man will be sadly missed by so many
RIP Pancho
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by Fitz »

Did not know you but saw you around. Friends told me that you were an alright dude for real, which is a pretty good accolade for 51. RIP.
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Re: RIP Pancho (White Cobra)

Post by flanostu »

RIP Pancho. You welcomed me with open arms from the very first night/morning I stumbled in. Your bar was my chill out place, my last drinks bar and generally my go to bar. You are missed :beer3:
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