Police Arrest "Old Man" Highway Bandit - Again

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Police Arrest "Old Man" Highway Bandit - Again

Post by Mishmash »

Our chums down at Sen Sok Police Station scored a hit when a patrol intercepted a veteran thief making a getaway with 6k cash and a moto from a hapless victim at Chouk Meas market.

The notorious perp, 31 years old, is known locally as the "old man" because of his continuing recidivism.

He was arrested at my Sangkat last year after attempting an armed highway banditry session, but served only a year in the hole.

Here is a pic of the crim.

Sensitive eyes and liberals please ignore his bleeding feet from "the beats". The boys were perhaps a little harsh in the back room.

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Re: Police Arrest "Old Man" Highway Bandit - Again

Post by Singsling »

He looks well fed, I won't shed a tear
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Re: Police Arrest "Old Man" Highway Bandit - Again

Post by ExPenhMan »

Ah, this is what they mean in news reports when the police say he "confessed" to the crime. Very creative questioning.
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Re: Police Arrest "Old Man" Highway Bandit - Again

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

"Stand and deliver!"
A Highwayman. I like it, a return to the good old days.

Horace Walpole, shot at in Hyde Park, wryly observed, "One is forced to travel, even at noon, as if one was going to battle."

..... a hallmark of public and political life: "From the rough-house of the crowd to the dragoons' musket volley, violence was as English as plum pudding.
Force was used not just criminally, but as a matter of routine to achieve social and political goals, smudging hard-and-fast distinctions between the worlds of criminality and politics
...Highwaymen were romanticized, with a hidden irony, as 'gentlemen of the road'"

" Your money or your life, Horace Walpole, you fat sniveling little Tory toad"

The chief place of execution for London and Middlesex was Tyburn Tree. Famous highwaymen whose lives ended there include the French-born gentleman highwayman Claude Du Vall, James MacLaine, and Sixteen-string Jack.
Highwaymen who went to the gallows laughing and joking, or at least showing no fear, are said to have been admired by the people who came to watch

Stirring stuff!
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