Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adelaide

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Re: Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adel

Post by ReapAndSow » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:26 pm

That sounds like a lot of bodies! So you think there's more than just the Beaumonts there (Stansbury, I mean...)? And what bodies are at the property you talk about in the other location...Edwardstown? Hope someone gets to the bottom of it all soon.
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Re: Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adel

Post by ReapAndSow » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:18 am

BRAT17 wrote:
Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:25 pm
No direct or public mention, no. but there have been a number of assertions/suggestions made by them directly to me that there was at very least knowledge of each other back at the time. there's very little that been said about Phipps's movements in the community at all, but it is the case that he lived only a short distance from others we have spoken about and indeed the family mentioned spent a great deal of time knocking about on Phipps' patch!
Yes...but to say that one family spent a lot of time knocking about on Phipps' patch - being the most popular beach in Adelaide - would cover a lot of families and is no evidence in supporting a claim that Phipps and members of this other family had ever met, surely?
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Re: Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adel

Post by weazel » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:23 am

This is the latest from Adelaide and journalist Bryan Littley on the best lead ever provided to South Australian police about what happened to the Beaumont children. I am leading here with Bryan's opinion piece on the Facebook site: 'In Memory of the Beaumont Children, missing since 1966' which is discussing the article on the Adelaide Now site published last night and which I have also pasted here:
Bryan Littlely

There is a difference between an article and an opinion piece. An article details events that have taken place and reports on what people have done, the response to that and the outcomes from it.

The article revealing the new developments, you have likely read.

Below is my opinion derived from the many procesess/interviews/interactions and evidence collected and undertaken to produce that article.

After more than 52 years, police have the strongest and most compelling lead into the mystery of the missing Beaumont children.

Late last year, a man now in his 60s revealed as part of his claims of being a victim of child sex abuse that he saw the children being killed in his own bedroom.

He has named the alleged killers. Both are still alive. He has provided specific details of the claimed crime scene which remains relatively unchanged. He has suggested a possible burial site for which there is supporting evidence of dramatic changes to the scene soon after the children went missing.

This man is a peaceful family man, not known to police as an offender and not a person looking to clear his name or conscience. He is not seeking reward or compensation.

The fine details and information in his claims will be a matter for forensic science and police investigations to one day establish as definitive.

But something that is already clear is that this man is either telling the truth or he is not telling the truth.

Police have had at least eight months to establish which way it is. And this man, the new hope in this baffling case, has left the door wide open for police to show him as a liar if indeed he is.

SAPOL must have on file a record of all their interactions with children in the suburbs surrounding Glenelg on the day the Beaumont children went missing. Unless, doubtfully, police were not thorough in their work at the time. Unless, doubtfully, information collected by the Women's Police Branch, the very police credited with raising the alarm to the missing Beaumont children, was overlooked or, worse, not documented.

Police have told media to not overstate the fact they are following up new information in this matter.

It is not overstating anything to reveal that information being a claimed eyewitness to the crime who police were allegedly in contact with on the day of that crime.

After all, he is either telling the truth or he is not telling the truth, and with all that police do know from their 52 years of investigations into this matter, determining which it is should not take eight months.

Police and the community broadly continue to ask, rightly, that media consider the wellbeing of the Beaumont parents when reporting on this case so as not to raise their hopes and upset them.

It must be the case that given police were approached and took a statement from this claimed witness, and all others whose claims are in line with his, well before they went to the media, that police have kept the Beaumont family informed of the progress and any developments.

No Adelaide media, to the best of my knowledge and across my 20 years association with it, have approached the Beaumont parents about the case and have always been obligated to inform police of their intentions to report on the matter – an obligation that has been upheld.

Indeed, the much maligned by police “media circus” that descended on the Castalloy dig earlier this year was sparked by former police officers and their certainty they had the best lead in the case to date. It was not driven by journalists, only covered by them.

Respect and consideration of the Beaumont family is front of mind. There should remain hope that the answers can be found for them before it is too late.

That's the end of Bryan Littley's opinion piece, and here is the Adelaide Now article:

More True Crime Australia

POLICE were at the crime scene just hours after the Beaumont children were killed, claims a man who has provided a statement to SA Police’s Major Crime branch.

Detectives are now examining the man’s claims — the latest among hundreds made as the 52-year-old cold-case mystery continues to baffle authorities.

The man, who for legal reasons cannot be identified, first told police late last year that, as a child, he not only saw Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont playing with three men at Glenelg Beach on January 26, 1966, but he later walked in on two of those same men as they abused the children.

He has claimed the children were taken to his family home and were abused and killed in his bedroom and that he himself narrowly escaped also being killed that day.

But the boldest of his claims, that two members of the Women’s Police Branch came to his rescue and took him from the home to their Angas St base in the city that night, will be critical in validating or eliminating the man’s claims.

Now 63, he says fear for his life and post-traumatic stress, for which he is now getting counselling, had stopped him from revealing his astonishing claims until now.

He claims that, after witnessing the harrowing crime, he was fed sleeping pills and left alone in the house to die. However, one of the attackers, a relative, called the women police to come to his aid.

Disturbingly, the man claims the bodies of the children were hidden in the garage overnight with plans to dispose of them the following day at a site the man has also revealed to police in detailed statements made during a number of lengthy interviews.

He details one of the women police searching the house for other people while another officer tended to him, covered in vomit.

He was taken to the police station and given a shower and change of clothes before being taken to his single mother, who was staying with relatives due to the violent and abusive nature of the two men living in her home.

His writings about his claims say: “I saw the children in the house and I stared into Arnna’s eyes, not knowing who she was and little Grant … and I can see him too.

“I feel responsible because I didn’t know what was about to take place. This is all my fault because I was drugged and had no recollection of what I heard or saw for so many years after.’

Major Crime police have acknowledged they are examining the man’s claims.

The man says when he first made his videotaped statement to Major Crime last year during an ongoing investigation of claims made about his own abuse at the hands of the two men, he held out his arms and gestured for police to handcuff him for “holding the secret for so long”.

Earlier this year, the man contacted Leave A Light On chair Suzie Ratcliffe — sister of Joanne Ratcliffe, 11, who was abducted from Adelaide Oval in 1973 with Kirste Gordon, 4 — after he had made his statements to police.

Ms Ratcliffe, who campaigns for increased support for families of long-term missing persons, is also administrator of a Facebook memorial page for the Beaumont children and has ongoing contact with members of the Beaumont family.

Last year, SA Police Major Crime officers gave Ms Ratcliffe and Leave A Light On colleagues an undertaking they would do a full review of materials and information regarding the Beaumont case that has been passed to them as a result of the probing work of Leave A Light On members and private investigators over the past three years.

Veteran Major Crime detective Mark McEachen has been put on the case as a “new set of eyes” and it is understood another detective is now investigating these new claims.

“I feel so ashamed that I have not come forward earlier … that I have not understood or seen clearly what it was that happened that day,’’ the man told Ms Ratcliffe.

“I don’t lie. I have to have faith in police that they are investigating it … This is the truth.’’

Ms Ratcliffe has appealed to police to vigorously investigate the man’s claims.

“Police continue to appeal to people to come forward with any information they have on cold case crimes,’’ Ms Ratcliffe said.

“I implore police to take on board what it is this brave man has presented to them and unless they can without doubt rule out his claims, police should work with him with a view that, together, we can bring a close to this most baffling of crimes and deliver answers to the Beaumont family while we still can.’’

The claims follow a failed search for the remains of the Beaumont children at the New Castalloy factory in North Plympton in February.

Part of the site was excavated after new claims emerged linking businessman Harry Phipps, who owned the site, to the children’s disappearance.

The new witness’s claims of who he believes responsible for the abduction have been corroborated to some extent by two other men who have also given statements to Major Crime.

All three men — the new witness, David Smith and Andrew McIntyre, none of whom are known to each other — have named one person in common as a person of interest in the case.

Mr Smith was days away from Army life and on a path to the horrors of Vietnam when he took a lunch break at the Glenelg foreshore on January 26, 1966.

He had on his mind saying goodbye to girlfriends and mates at the time and took not much notice of the benign conversation he had with a young man with three children in tow at the foreshore.

In February 2015, and after seeing a missing persons poster in a police station, Smith told police about that encounter, his chat with the man and the eldest child and also an old couple seated nearby.

Smith, who says the horrors of Vietnam troubled him for decades, believes it was Jane Beaumont he spoke with, as well as the man responsible for the abduction.

He has provided a statement to Major Crime which includes identifying the man he saw with the children.

“I never gave it any thought before … I simply didn’t realise I had been a witness to something that could be important,” Mr Smith said.


“I went away for Army training in the days after, then to war. I didn’t know anything about the missing kids and when I got home from Vietnam I, like many, was not in great shape.

“The girl was looking at my lunch and I asked her if she wanted some … she said the man had bought them lunch.

“I spoke to the man, he was about my age and so I asked if he’d got a call up for service … he said no. End of conversation.”

Mr Smith said the man and three children left in a dark blue convertible sports car.

The elderly couple on a nearby bench told Mr Smith the children had been hanging around the area without an adult over recent days and they were not the man’s children.

Police have acknowledged they’ve taken statements from Mr Smith before.

SAPOL Supt Des Bray reveals results of Friday's search for the Beaumont children
Andrew McIntyre has over the past decade claimed his father was involved in the crime and has provided statements to police outlining his claims.

Andrew was the victim of horrific child sex abuse in the 1960s. The perpetrator of those attacks was jailed in recent years and is also named in Andrew’s statements to police as being involved in the abduction and murder of the Beaumont children.

The second person the new witness claims to be a Beaumont children abductor is serving a jail term for historic child sex abuse dating back to the 1960s.

A long-term business partner of the convicted paedophile, who can be linked to him as far back as 1967, is also now facing 80 counts of historic child sex abuse in Queensland. He was extradited from rural SA earlier this year.
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Re: Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adel

Post by violet » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:38 am

“I feel so ashamed that I have not come forward earlier … that I have not understood or seen clearly what it was that happened that day,’’ the man told Ms Ratcliffe."

That's eating him up, and he really has no need to feel ashamed. Our minds process as best they can at the time. They then protect us until we can cope with the reality. As he's become able to, he has informed the appropriate people. Nothing more he could have done.
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Re: Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adel

Post by ReapAndSow » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:35 pm

I ready that piece by Bryan Littlely but am confused. Doe it mean that the other stories about children being in the boot of a car on Australia Day at another suburb by other people who said they were witnesses is definitely not true? Because the new story says the children were left in a garage overnight so how can the stories work together? Are they meant to beconnected or completely different theories?
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Re: Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adel

Post by BRAT17 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:39 pm

Hi ReapAndSow --- I can clear your confusion hopefully. The stories do differ in their detail slightly, yes, but fundamentally they could dovetail. Even the story of the children being seen at the home of Harry Phipps could fit in with both of these statements from separate claimed witnesses. The new witness says the bodies were stored overnight in the garage, and the other story suggests they were, on that day seen in the boot of a car in a different suburb. While I consider unlikely both happened on Australia day (there's a point where the new witness was unconcious and nothing to say that the bodies weren't taken from the house to the other suburb and then returned and put in the garage), it could be possible that the claims of seeing the kids in the boot in the other suburb happened the next day or another day. keep in mind that Jan 26 was a Wednesday and a working day and any "Australia Day" celebrations/family days typically followed a few days later on the weekend. Importantly though, the new witness and those who claimed seeing the bodies in the boot of the car, as well as another person - none of them known to each other - ALL have identified the same alleged perpetrator as someone they saw with the children. It is also the case that all three bits of the scenario, and even the fourth bite re Harry Phipps, slot into different timings across the day - new witness suggests the happenings at the beach; a second refers to at the foreshore leaving the beach; Phipps stuff is where they could have gone following leaving the beach; new witness says they ended up at his home where they were killed; then dead, they end up in the boot at that other suburb.

They are people's accounts, provided to police for police to investigate their validity. Police have only really tested the Phipps stuff (and found nothing to support it) and have not been able to rule out the other accounts. There is a lot of information/evidence and background to the new witness which police are aware of and have advised they are looking at closely. While I cannot give more specific detail of what it is that gives me confidence it will play a key part in determining just what happened that day (as it would reveal the alleged suspect/witness and I would be breaking the law) I do have confidence in it and I do believe it dovetails with the previously stated accounts.
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Re: Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adel

Post by CEOCambodiaNews » Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:20 pm

October 5, 2018
Peter Olszewski

Siem Reap attracts tourists and talent, but it also attracts dark-side denizens – internationally wanted desperadoes, villains, perverts and weirdoes.
In early 2014, two compelling mysteries surfaced in town which attracted more oddballs: shady private investigators and conspiracy theory nutters.

In January 2014, a story broke in the Siem Reap Insider that the answer to Australia’s most infamous unsolved crime mystery, the missing Beaumont children, might lurk somewhere in Siem Reap’s murky recesses, and authorities began looking at expat Tony Munro, a wealthy retired Australian businessman. ... mysteries/
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Re: Notorious Pedophile Tony Munro Living in Siem Reap Arrested in Australia Linked to Missing Beaumont Children in Adel

Post by rozzieoz » Fri May 01, 2020 7:40 pm

I’ve been thinking about this case again - are there any updates?

I watched Andrew McIntyre’s statement to ITNJ Judicial Commission - he is so credible, it’s very powerful.
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