New Law Targets Construction Companies in Cambodia

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New Law Targets Construction Companies in Cambodia

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The new Law on Construction goes into effect immediately.

Fifteen years' jail for construction deaths under new law
Long Kimmarita | Publication date 09 November 2019 | 15:40 ICT
King Norodom Sihamoni has signed off on a new law that will see unlicensed construction company officials punished with a maximum of 15 years in prison if a worker is to die due to negligence.

The Law on Construction, passed by the National Assembly and the Senate in October and signed off by the King on November 2, goes into immediate effect.

Consisting of 22 Chapters and 111 Articles, it details punishments that range from fines, the revoking of licences and imprisonment.

Articles 95 to 102 detail those who work independently in the construction sector without permission or a licence, those who install construction materials not of prescribed quality and those who do not use construction materials of a specified standard.

Article 103 states: “All offences as described in Articles 94 to 102 of this law will be punishable by between five and 10 years in prison if they result in the permanent disability of victims. And in the event of death, those found responsible can be punished by between seven and 15 years in prison.”

Those responsible for unprofessional construction plans or who violate a ban, stop-work order or instructions to postpone construction by the authorities will face similar punishments as described in Article 103.

The law states that those who cause injury to people or damage to property due to carelessness will be fined, have their licence revoked and be suspended from working in the construction sector.

However, the law allows any completed unlicensed construction to obtain the necessary permits and make changes where necessary. Failing this, those responsible will be punished if they fail to meet the requirements within a set timeframe. ... er-new-law
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Re: New Law Targets Construction Companies in Cambodia

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Rip mishmash
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Re: New Law Targets Construction Companies in Cambodia

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Re: New Law Targets Construction Companies in Cambodia

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epidemiks wrote: Sun Nov 10, 2019 8:10 pm Rip mishmash
I'm happy to see this law.

Personally and professionally, I have always followed the CDM Regulations from the UK and the International Construction Code.

Along with other foreigner influenced companies such as LBL and Comin Khmer, Lotus Green, DBD Engineering we have long complained at being put at a commercial disadvantage by others not complying with Regulations that are there for a good reason.

This levels the playing field somewhat.

As does the recent law on Fire Safety in Construction. Sadly it is not up to NFPA72 or BS5839

I have also written books for the locals to simplify the unreadable texts and replace them with practical guides using pictures and photos.

Old Mish is not a fly by night

It's good to see the Government catching up, even though both bills are watered down to account for "local conditions"
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