Man Shoots Medical Student Girlfriend to Death in Phnom Penh

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Re: Man Shoots Medical Student Girlfriend to Death in Phnom Penh

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This unpunished murder is making the rounds of Khmer social media pages and causing a scandal. If there is one thing that the authorities dislike, it is losing face on facebook, so perhaps someone will do something about finding and arresting the killer of this young woman.
(Clue: He is probably living with his parents.)

Cambodian government officials recently launched a Stop the Violence campaign in response to increasing violence against women and children, so it's time for the authorities to step up and take action.
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Re: Man Shoots Medical Student Girlfriend to Death in Phnom Penh

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CEOCambodiaNews wrote: Sun Jan 17, 2021 7:00 pm
(Clue: He is probably living with his parents.)
OK So who are his parents???
CEO You got this :geek:
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Re: Man Shoots Medical Student Girlfriend to Death in Phnom Penh

Post by Stiliko »

How about placing a bounty on his head? Is that done in Cambodia? By the family or the government? Are there actual bounty hunters active here?
she was quite pretty and looked older
she knew only what had been told her
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Re: Man Shoots Medical Student Girlfriend to Death in Phnom Penh

Post by Marty »

Brody wrote: Fri Jan 17, 2020 9:07 pm
Mishmash wrote: Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:27 pm Brigadier General.
That's a fucking abomination........the guy looks 17 years old.

In the west, your average 1 star would be in their mid 40's, at the youngest.

The ranking/merit structure in Cambodia is more fucked than I thought.

There was an interesting news article a few years back that discussed the embarrassment RCAF officers faced when doing joint exercises with western militaries. During the joint exercises their ranks had to be adjusted down in order to reflect their actual experience / leadership abilities.

It wouldn't be feasible to have a Cambodian General and American General working together.......the Cambodian General would be completely out of his fucking depth.

So during the course of the joint exercises, a Cambodian General rank would have to be adjusted down to a Lance Corporal or something like that.

What a fucking joke.
Fukkin A it's a joke. Not only a joke, but it's completely and utterly preposterous. But it be what it be, bro and we gotta live with it. I've said it time and again the Cambodian military ranks are inflated and if you're gonna have this, bring back the 5 star general, and create new 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 star ranks. Maybe even go up to 15 star general!
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